[EDITORS] We’re coming back from hiatus and things are going to be different.

We took some time off this summer to find ourselves. No mountain climbing in Nepal, but we are changing Story Club Magazine’s format. Live storytelling is electric, and immersive, and visceral, and we want Story Club Magazine to reflect that. Starting on October 4, we will publish audio and video stories so you, at home, can experience what it’s like to be in the room where it happens.

What does that mean? We’ll publish a new audio/video story every Wednesday, and one standout printed story a month. The printed story will be accompanied by audio and/or video of the author performing it.

What if I want to submit? Please do! Send along a recording of you performing the story or, if you didn’t get one, record it yourself and send that along. We will continue to pay for the monthly print story in exchange for first publication rights. Since all rights remain with the author for audio/video pieces, these will be unpaid.

Why are you changing? We are a magazine for nonfiction performance and we want to emphasize that. The new format will also allow us to further curate our stories, focusing on bringing you the best mix of emerging and established authors.

That’s cool. What can I do to help? Share the stories over social media! You are huge in helping us get the words out. Donating is great, too – like we said above, we will continue to pay authors for printed works.

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