Story of the Year 2016

GUYS WE’RE DOING A THING. We’re excited to announce Story Club Magazine’s first annual Story of the Year Contest! Here’s how it works – the editors picked five stories that were our favorites of the year. These are stories that each showcase the visceral, open nature of live lit and demonstrate how the art of performance is pushing creative nonfiction in exciting new directions. So who wins? It’s up to you. You read, you vote, you decide. Voting takes place now through Thursday, 1/5 […]

Best Love in the World | Arch Jamjun

I was eight years old and running for my life. I sped into the men’s bathroom, opened a stall door, and hid. “She isn’t allowed in here,” I thought to myself, “She can’t get me in here.” Four years earlier, my mother first had her way with me. It was a children’s fashion show at our Thai temple. She dressed me up as a young girl from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. She attacked my four-year-old boy cheeks with blush, applied […]