Story of the Year 2016

GUYS WE’RE DOING A THING. We’re excited to announce Story Club Magazine’s first annual Story of the Year Contest! Here’s how it works – the editors picked five stories that were our favorites of the year. These are stories that each showcase the visceral, open nature of live lit and demonstrate how the art of performance is pushing creative nonfiction in exciting new directions. So who wins? It’s up to you. You read, you vote, you decide. Voting takes place now through Thursday, 1/5 […]

Good Girls Are | Britt Julious

I hope Nicole is okay. I hope the weight of being this age at this time doesn’t crush her. I hope her life is easy (much easier than mine) and that she is ascending. Because me, her doppelgänger, was descending, and quickly. “You look really familiar,” people tell me when I’m in public. The longer I live within city limits, the more often I hear this. Whereas at first I assumed it was something white people said to black people […]