Story of the Year 2017, Thank You, and Farewell

We have a couple things to say – first, we’re excited to announce the nominees for our Story of the Year Contest!   The editors picked five stories that were our favorites of the year. These are stories that each showcase the visceral, open nature of live lit and demonstrate how the art of performance is pushing creative nonfiction in exciting new directions. So who wins? It’s up to you. You read, you vote, you decide. Voting takes place now through Monday, January […]

Kissing Backwards | Julie Marchiano

Julie’s story was told as part of Miss Spoken’s October 2015 show. The theme was Sex Ed, and she’s at the 35:03 mark.  My sexual education started with my first kiss at 14. My neighbor Justin was 16, drove a Mustang with the vanity plate “JUSTANG” on the back, and kissed me while I was sitting in his lap on a sidewalk. So, like, from behind. I had braces, and he had one muscular arm and one flabby arm because of […]