Sink, Swim, Party | Mara Sigman

I’m five and my swim class group is three levels below “Guppy.” While others are “Swordfish” and “Stingrays,” my day camp doesn’t even give us an aquatic creature name: we are “Basic Beginner – non-swimmers.” I visualize myself in “Pre-Guppy” or maybe one day “Guppy,” and eventually “Starfish.”But my little body won’t float or retain heat long enough to stay in the water for an entire swim lesson. I cling to pool gutters during swimming lessons and birthday pool parties, […]

Phone Sex Live! | Mara Sigman

Moaning is your last resort. The trick with a good pay-per-minute phone sex call is not to make the caller cum, but to keep him on the phone for as long as possible. It’s what the dispatcher taught me during my only phone sex training session You moan and the call is as good as over: he’s going to cum. “Hi, this is Violet, who’s this?” “John.” “Where are you calling from, John?” The Johns would say, “My bedroom…in Arizona.” […]