How To Wear It | Maya Marshall

How To Wear It was read as part of Miss Spoken’s November 2014 show, Body Hair. You can find Maya at 20:33. When I was 20, I had a friend who I would sleep with. He had an idea of how women were supposed to be sexy: shaved cunts, expensive lingerie, long, silky hair, white skin, and I had an idea that I was sexual but not sexy. He moved to Missouri, and I decided to take a cross-country road trip to […]

Me Talk Titty One Day | Jasmine Davila

Me Talk Titty One Day was read as part of Miss Spoken’s May 2014 show–the theme was Boobs. You can find Jasmine at 15:30. I’m fat. I am actually quite fat. I’m fat pretty much everywhere, from the top of my big old Charlie Brown head to the bottoms of my Fred Flintstone feet. Fat everywhere except for two places. The area between my neck and my stomach. Specifically, MY BOOBS. If I had to pick any two places on my body to […]

You Are Okay | Eden Robins

You Are Okay was read as part of Miss Spoken’s February 2015 show, Penis. You can find Eden at 33:00.  After years of working at feminist sex toy stores, you come to see certain patterns of behavior. Heterosexual men who came to the store tended toward a sort of backwards Thunderdome mentality – one dick enters, one dick leaves! You’d see them sizing up the dildos, gripping one to see how it measured up to the “real thing.” They would gaze forlornly at […]