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Security | Tamara Matthews

My father died twice. The first time had nothing to do with me. That was completely on him. I’ll never know how coherent he was when he slammed his truck into the side of a bridge; his high blood alcohol count at the time will forever veil that evening in a haze. I imagine there were at least a few spare seconds of “Oh, fuck.” It feels better to think that we will have a moment to prepare ourselves for […]

Come Fly With Me | Eileen Dougharty

Fifteen years ago, I was starry-eyed to glide up where the air was rarefied. After a lengthy string of mundane office and restaurant jobs, becoming a flight attendant was like winning a prize. Finally, I had landed a job that combined
 adventure and career potential. I would race through the cabin to hand out snacks with the spirit of a caffeinated poodle, while my grumpy co­workers eyed me with disdain.But my starry eyes glazed over with time. I now sport […]

Not About Me | Sheri Reda

True personal stories are usually about the people who tell them. This one, though, is a story I only thought was about me. Later, I found out it was someone else’s story, though I’m the one left behind to tell it. PART I – Lincoln Square I live in Lincoln Square. When I say that these days, you know what that means. It means Sulzer Regional Library and the renowned Merz Apothecary and Meyer’s Deli, with its delightful rooftop garden. […]