Dear Reader,

We are telling stories today in a way that we haven’t for a long time. We are gathering in groups, at special places at special times, in order to hear people we do not know tell us stories. We gather because we are hungry and desperate for the feelings that come from a well-told true tale: the feeling of understanding, the feeling of learning about the world, and, most of all, the feeling of deep and honest connection.

When you hear a story your brain changes. Your neurons begin to mirror those of the teller. You are affected. You become more than you. Stories are our primary mode of constructing our identity and sharing it with others. Stories are how we make sense of the chaos of the world.

We are blind and stories are how we see.

There is amazing storytelling work going on all around America and the world, but unless you’re in the audience to see it live, you miss it. That’s what we’re here to change. We publish true stories that were first told in front of an audience. We use audio and video to transmit the experience of live storytelling to an online form.

Story Club Magazine is a literary magazine, but we’re not here to post stories. We’re here to melt faces. We’re here to devastate, celebrate, illuminate. Our goal is to publish raw, real, and artistic expressions of the human experience. We want to speak previously unspoken truths.

We want to show you, and ourselves, what the world is actually like. We’re a literary magazine for literary performance. And all we want to do is change how you see the world.

Get ready,

Story Club Magazine